So I’m sure you know success doesn’t come overnight.

Actually, it doesn’t come at all.

You are the one moving towards it.

And what you do every day consistently can determine how fast do you reach it.

So here are five ways to travel faster.

Remember to enjoy each one of them through your every step.

1. Keep a daily journal

Imagine all your plans, ideas from brainstorming, positive thoughts or gratitudes all in one place for you to review whenever you want.

Also, when you write down all your worries, troubles or just negative thought, it releases the pressure, and you can start thinking about the solution.

If you do this first thing in the morning, you’ll be amazed at how many plans or ideas you can come up with because your brain is well rested.

And if you choose this to be the last thing you do in a day, you can go to bed worry free and completely relaxed.

Can you even imagine what happens if you choose both of these options?

2. Wake up early

You know that feeling when everyone is still sleeping, and you’re already done with half of your duties for the day?

If you do, then you know that I’m talking about one of the best ways to feel confident and powerful!

If not, make sure to get it because it is a.w.e.s.o.m.e and totally worth getting up an hour earlier.

3. Practice gratitude

Before you start a new goal, make sure to appreciate all the thing you already have.

Always keep one eye on the goal, but the other on what you already accomplished or were just blessed with without having to do anything at all.

Such a fantastic inspiration and motivation can come from the past and present moments if we think wisely about them.

4. Go offline

Did you know that when we get interrupted in the middle of “the flow” or that state when we are entirely focused on what we are doing, and we’re doing a hell of a good job it takes us about twenty minutes to regain that kind of focus?

So, if you don’t have extra twenty minutes to lose (as if you’re interrupted only once during the day…) I suggest you go offline when you’re working on something important.

5. Read

Try to be up to date when it comes to your area of work.

Read everything and anything you can get a hold of and learn new information, each day.

Surround yourself with information from which you can be even better at what you do.

There’s no such thing as standing still; you either progressing or regressing.

So make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

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Mark C. Williams
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