Ok, so you wanted to be more productive, organize your week better and make your business a lot easier and you got the whiteboard.

You’ve been using it for a while and you maybe even have a specific method with it.

And we couldn’t be happier for you!

For that reason, here are five more ways to utilize your board, have more fun with it and make your life easier.

1. Assortment

There’s a reason your board is enormous.

And don’t let any of that space go to waste.

If you’re working on two projects at the same time, simply draw a line in the middle and use the spaces for each thing separately.

This way, your thoughts become organized in a similar way too.

Multitasking can often lead to unfinished work or a lot of things done poorly.

Having different space (and time) for different things allows your brain to think only about one thing at a time.

You will work faster, you’ll be more efficient and more importantly, you won’t feel as exhausted.

2. Make room for brainstorming

While you’re organizing your space on the whiteboard, it might be a good idea to leave a specific area just for fresh ideas.

Did you know that we have about seventy thousand ideas each day and we only remember a few?

After about twenty seconds the idea we had is gone, and we’re left regretting we didn’t write it down.

So making a permanent space on your board just for those moments seems like a smart thing to do, right?

You can go back to it anytime, and since it’ll always be visible, new ideas might join it.

Try this trick and enjoy the creative process that comes with it.

3. Calendar

Another useful thing to always have on your board is a calendar.

You can write it for each month and just add different tasks, appointments or birthdays on there.

Never miss an anniversary again!

4. Keep it neat

This board can be such a powerful tool that could assist you in your everyday routines but also in getting what you’ve always dreamed about.

So don’t let it be chaotic, take care of it.

If you wrote something that you don’t like or you think it’s too messy, take a few extra seconds to rewrite it.

Looking at your dreams and goals is much more pleasurable and way more effective when they look nice.

You don’t want to settle for anything else than just right.

5. Add some pictures

Get some cool magnets, pull out some pretty pictures from magazines or great quotes from the newspaper and put them on there.

Creating a vision board like this or even making your regular, everyday schedule with things that motivate and inspire you will make your day run smoothly.

Put pictures of your family, a place you want to visit next, that car you always wanted or that quote that somehow always gets you out of bed on a bad day.

Let your mind soak this in every single day without you having to put any effort in it once you set it up.

Preparation is key when it comes to success.

And what better way of preparing than to be surrounded by all that you dream of, every day?

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