How many times a day do you hear yourself say I just don’t have enough time?

How many times did you try to organize your day but halfway through you realize you have so many tasks to do, you don’t even have time for planning them?

Does your morning start with you rushing to check emails, wash dishes, make breakfast, feed the kids and take a shower all at the same time because you have about half an hour before you absolutely have to start working?

Or does your morning start with a relaxed feeling of joy and are you looking forward to your day and everything that’s waiting for you?

Do you wake up with a smile on your face, enough time for yourself and clear mind knowing that you can finish everything you set out to for the day?

Do you sing in the shower and eat your breakfast or drink your morning coffee in peace?

Would you like to?

Well, in that case, there are very specific things you can try to make this happen – immediately.

Plan ahead

Make it a routine to check your schedule every night before you go to bed.

While you do this, keep in mind what’s really important for the next day, what are your top three goals for the day.

That’s where your focus should be, not on all the small tasks that take a lot of time.

Maybe somewhere in that list of your to-dos, you can find something that doesn’t even belong there, whether it’s something you can delegate, move to another day or something you don’t even have to do at all.

Early start

Waking up earlier, even fifteen minutes before your usual waking up time can change your whole day.

Having a few minutes more for yourself to take a shower in peace, read a few pages, meditate or exercise, can do more than spending two hours cleaning up the house and running around from one errand to another.

Imagine what an hour could do!

Think about the three things that are most important for your health, clear mind and balance.

Do them in the first hour of waking up.

That way you will already accomplish a lot for the day and you can continue conquering other things from the list, feeling proud and full of energy.

Practice gratitude

Whatever you do, wherever you live, whatever goals you might have or problems to solve, I am sure you have something to be grateful for.

Whether it’s a warm bed, or clean water, support from your friends or family, health, delicious food or a lovely house,  beautiful kids or a loving partner, take the time to focus on those things.

If the first thing you think about when you get up is how happy or lucky or loved you are then your mind is set to look for other things that could be that great for your life.

Noticing nice things we could truly be grateful for is a habit and a skill, and it can be taught and mastered.

So next time you wake up, list three things you could say thank you for and enjoy the rest of your morning.

Do this for a week and notice what changes you witnessed.

What if it was possible to feel joy every day, how would that be like?

What would then be possible for you?

What if you could start your every morning feeling thankful, blessed and full of energy?

Imagine that…


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