How many times do you start working on something important and soon after you do you just needed to check something on Instagram or Facebook? How many of those times do you get back on track fast in less than twenty minutes? And how many times you never even start on time because your phone got all the attention?

If you don’t hear a question loudly, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Did you ever want to know what goes inside your customers' mind when offered your service or product? Would it be useful for you to know not only that but also how to answer their unspoken questions? Here are five questions I learned from Tony Robbins, that almost any person is going to think about before deciding on your product.

Are you ready to pour some pixie dust all over your business? No matter what age you are. Whether you have kids or not. Whether you like animated movies or not. I bet there is one Walt Disney movie you love. There's a story whose hero you would like to be. There's a song that brings tears to your eyes or puts a smile on your face. So if you’ve ever wondered how did he do it, keep reading!

How long do you usually need to decide on the best option? How many times did you regret it? Imagine this for a second: You are in a restaurant holding a menu. As you’re browsing through the list of delicious food you’re starting to realize you have absolutely no idea what you want to order. You keep browsing thinking you’ll find something better than everything else and that you’ll know when to stop searching for that perfect meal.

I know, maybe the title is a bit of a stretch, but hear me out, I've got this, after lots and lots of years of struggle, I finally got it. If you know and practice this idea, I bet my life on it that you will make money from your passion, from the thing that you love doing. But first, I feel obliged to explain this: