How many times do you start working on something important and soon after you do you just needed to check something on Instagram or Facebook?

How many of those times do you get back on track fast in less than twenty minutes?

And how many times you never even start on time because your phone got all the attention?

Did you know people spend 2.1 hours per day on distractions?

And did you know that after each distraction, no matter how small or insignificant, we need at least twenty minutes to start the flow again?

I bet you don’t have that amount of time to be spreading around.

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying “I don’t have time for *insert anything*,” then it’s time to analyze where is that time going?

I know the Internet is filled with adorable cats, cute hedgehogs, and funny dogs.

And, trust me, I know how hard it can be to skip their videos on YouTube or pictures on Instagram.

But I would like to ask you a question if you could answer it honestly.

What’s cuter, the feeling of fulfillment and self-respect or the sense of regret and missed opportunities?

I am here to tell you that the way to pridefulness has never been easier if you install some good habits.

Here are a few to get you started:

1.Think Longterm

Procrastination comes from thinking short-term.

What’s the point of doing something that’s going to create hurt in any way, it may be difficult, energy consuming, awkward or just dull…

Well, the point is hiding in the future that’s not always in front of your nose.

So before deciding to procrastinate and search for that cat that fell into a dumpster, ask yourself a simple question

“What will this mean in two, five or ten years from now?”

Shifting your focus can make it a whole lot easier to drop that phone and start working.

2. Be Hard To Reach

Pick a day or two in a week when you’ll be working on something truly important that requires all of your attention.

On those days, go to a different office, coffee shop or a park and turn off your phone.

Make yourself incredibly hard to reach.

Choosing your priorities is extremely important for your productivity.

So choose wisely.

Think about the most important thing of this week and start with that.

3.Minimalist space

When we hear distraction, a lot of us think of our phone, social media and the Internet in general.

We are not aware of the fact that our brain is capable of noticing every little detail around us.

We hear and see and even smell everything that surrounds us, but our brain puts it in the unconsiousness drawer, so we don’t go mad.

But it’s still there, taking up space.

So make it easier for your mind and clear up space in your office or room you work in at home.

Make it as minimalist as you can with just a few critical things.

Doing this sends a pretty clear picture to your brain of what’s truly important.

I invite you to try these techniques in the next week and see what happens.

Set your mind to mastery, back it up with useful habits and there’s no way you will not succeed.

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Mark C. Williams
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