A to-do list can be beneficial in remembering your plans or sticking to a habit. It can also be an excellent reminder of the things you did so it serves as an excellent motivational boost at the end of long day. We all know that awesome feeling of crossing that boring item from the list. :) But what happens when your to-do list turns against you?

Has this situation ever happened to you: You have an idea. You even feel your gut telling you “Go for it!”. You create a plan. Every single step is there to make sure you reach your goal. As you start to pursue it, it all actually goes according to your plan! As soon as you start thinking “This is it! I’m going to make it!” it all goes crashing down and before you know it you end up feeling lost with no motivation to start all over again.

When we are faced with a choice, whether that’s deciding on which car to buy or whether to start a new job or deciding on whether to stay in a relationship or to move on, it’s an important moment that needs our attention. Sometimes we can even hear a voice in our head telling us which option is better for us, but things get tricky when that turns into a dialogue with opposing ideas.

How many times a day do you hear yourself say I just don't have enough time? How many times did you try to organize your day but halfway through you realize you have so many tasks to do, you don't even have time for planning them? Does your morning start with you rushing to check emails, wash dishes, make breakfast, feed the kids and take a shower all at the same time because you have about half an hour before you absolutely have to start working?

Ok, so you wanted to be more productive, organize your week better and make your business a lot easier and you got the whiteboard. You’ve been using it for a while and you maybe even have a specific method with it. And we couldn’t be happier for you! For that reason, here are five more ways to utilize your board, have more fun with it and make your life easier.