Are you are sick of fruit and snack baskets, jumpers or turkeys and hams, and want something more classy this year?

Are you tired of running around at the last minute to get everybody a Christmas present they will like?

Do you want to say a proper thank you to your clients, co-workers or boss?

If this year you are trying to take your Christmas gifts to another level, here are fifteen ideas you can try.

1. Coffee making set

All those long nights in the office can finally become more fun with a cool coffee making set, for a real coffee lover that is.

There are many different types out there, but all of them mean fun for the whole office.

2. Chocolate with a company logo engraved

This just never fails. Should I even explain why chocolate is a good present?

3. Pen set

With this present, with every signature, they’ll think of you.

Plus this is a perfect way to show respect.

4. Headset

Another useful thing that won’t go to waste.

This is perfect for someone who spends a lot of their time communicating with customers.

Make their life easier by getting them a good headset.

5. Laptop bag

Practical, classy and if you find one with a battery charger – absolutely necessary!

6. Battery charger

This is so practical and you can be sure they will not throw it away.

A thousand to-dos and different tasks throughout the day can often make us forget to charge our cell phones.

This is a great gift for someone who is always running from one meeting to another.

7. Miniature zen garden

This one is perfect for that co-worker who’s always nervous and under a lot of stress.

Let them know you care an make their office more beautiful and more welcoming.

8. Washable keyboard

If you know someone who loves munching while working, you know their keyboard is a mess.

Get them a washable one, and they’ll never have to worry about it again.

9. Modern desk lamp

With a classy, elegant light you are bringing practical and aesthetics together.

An office with such a luxurious object says prosperity.

10. Whiteboard

This is an excellent gift for those who love brainstorming.

For any entrepreneur that carries a huge to-do list, this is a life-saving gift.

11. Waterproof notepad

Some of the best ideas come to us during those peaceful moments in the shower.

This present won’t let those ideas escape.

Everyone will appreciate it as soon as the next meeting comes.

12. Smart notebook

For all those old school co-workers who are always scribbling down something, get them a smart notebook so they could digitize and forever keep their beloved notes.

13. Book

Not just any book, but a one that’s going to help them reach their business goals way faster.

With this gift, you’re not only supporting their growth but also saying that you believe in them!

14. Annual subscription

If you know what your coworkers or boss likes to read, get them a yearly subscription of that.

Whether it’s a magazine or something online, they will definitely appreciate it and enjoy it until next Christmas!

15. Theater tickets

Christmas just sounds like a nice theater play with the whole family.

Show some love and spread the Christmas spirit!

We hope this Christmas you’ll get some interesting present too, but it’s always great to start with what you can do for others.

Isn’t that what Christmas is about?

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Mark C. Williams
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