What Makes A Good Leader?

A person who wants to be followed has to be first in line, right?

So what makes people want to follow them?

Is it their business style or confidence they show? The amount of money they make? Good suits they wear?

Or do they just follow their own gut telling them “This is definitely the way to go”?

Whatever the reason might be, if people don’t have faith in it, they will not move a single step.
Conversely, if they believe 100% in the reason, no distance will be too far.

Your job is to make them believe in it AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

Good leaders are good at business.
Great leaders are good at influencing.

So here’s how to close that gap.

1. Congruency

Talking about your product without being absolutely sure it is the best thing out there, doesn’t really show anything.
The one question you can ask yourself, and definitely a question your customers are going to have in their minds is:

“Are you using your product and are you in love with it?”

So whatever your product is, merchandise or service, you better believe it is going to solve your customer’s problems or help them in some way.

Whenever you try to trick them or have your profit as a top priority, they will sense it and run away from it.

2. Flexibility

The person with the most flexibility in the room will control the situation.

And no, we don’t mean become a chameleon and change as the wind blows.

Instead, learn how to handle difficult situations in more than one way so you can deal with similar but yet different problems every time.

Here’s an excellent technique to improve this skill.

After each meeting, solved problem, presentation, finished project, etc., ask yourself:

“In what ways could I have done the same thing?”

And think of at least three.

This will make you ready for the upcoming challenges and situations so that, when they come, all you need to think about is how awesome this experience is going to be!

3. Step over the edge

What truly separates successful leaders from the ones that are just good, is the fact that successful leaders would always do more.

Simple as that.

All the things that might seem unlikely to work, or too foolish and crazy even or uncomfortable to do are the steps to real success.

If you want to be the better than others, you have to do what others are not willing to.

Every. Single. Time.

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