When we are faced with a choice, whether that’s deciding on which car to buy or whether to start a new job or deciding on whether to stay in a relationship or to move on, it’s an important moment that needs our attention.

Sometimes we can even hear a voice in our head telling us which option is better for us, but things get tricky when that turns into a dialogue with opposing ideas.

And often that takes a lot of our time and energy making us frustrated and mad.

At this point, endless lists of pros and cons can’t help, so we’re left with a bunch of ripped paper and a decision yet to be made.

This happens because we can not deal rationally with something that’s not rational at all, even if it appears to be.

We are rational beings, but more often than not, we don’t act like that at all, rather we are influenced by our emotions or intuition.

That “gut” feeling is sometimes smarter than we are and here’s how to hear it more clearly and whenever you need to.

Here I’ll propose something weird, but bear with me – it works!

Next time you are standing before a challenging choice, your focus should NOT be on the actual decision or which would be better for you.

Instead, you should focus on the criteria, and then the choice will become easy and even obvious.

To be able to do this efficiently try asking yourself what’s important to you in that context, in which a decision is being made.

If you’re deciding on which car to buy, ask yourself What’s important to me when it comes to a car? Is it the price, comfort, safety, looks, the feeling when I’m driving it..?

If you’re thinking about quitting your job, you can ask questions like What is the most important thing to me when it comes to my job? Do I have it now?

Knowing your standards or criteria can make a decision process much more comfortable and even enjoyable for you.

When you know exactly what you want it’s easy to spot all the ways that can get you there.

It also becomes easier to notice all the things you don’t want or need in your life and everything or everyone you should stay away from.

A simple question like What is important to me in this is a call your gut will always answer because you already know this.

You already have all your criteria in you, and you live by those standards already.

Never be afraid to raise them, never stop improving your life and life of those around you.

Go boldly into new adventures, setting new goals!

Making smart decisions makes this whole process a lot easier.

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Mark C. Williams
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