Would your life be any different if this was true?

Would you work harder every day to achieve abundance in your life?

What if this was actually possible for you, would you want to make your loved ones happier as well?

I know, I know money CAN NOT buy happiness.

Many people have tried it only to feel even more miserable.

We have so many examples out there, lottery winners, people who became successful overnight or people who inherited a lot of money.

And it all ends pretty much the same way.

But I am here to tell you that money didn’t make all those people unhappy, just THE WAY they were spending it.

Did you know that according to a research in America, levels of happiness actually grow with salary up to $75 000 per year?

And then it starts dropping down with every additional dollar they make.

So does this mean that only a particular amount of money can buy happiness?

Does this mean that if you want to be the happiest person alive, you can not live an abundant, luxury life?

Of course NOT!

One of the great things about money is the fact that it buys experiences.

And those experiences make us feel a certain way.

So money just needs to use a mediator to make us feel happy or frustrated.

We also heard about many people who are extremely wealthy and extremely happy at it.

The difference between those people and those who found money to bring them misery is what they spend their money on.

Maybe drinking the finest champagne in your airplane alone is not going to fill you with much joy.

But would learning to fly a kite, or traveling to lands you know nothing about, or going to a phenomenal seminar and to learn more about being fulfilled each day of your life?

So take a few moments here and think about what are all the ways you could be spending your money now?

What experiences would make you feel more happy or excited or joyful?

What can you do for those around you that you love so much?

What can you do for your business to make it stronger?

What can you learn and look forward to?

With these questions in your mind, more money can only bring you more joy and fulfillment.

Remember, whatever amount of money you have, it is always up to you how are you going to spend it.


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Mark C. Williams
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