Has this situation ever happened to you:

You have an idea.

You even feel your gut telling you “Go for it!”.

You create a plan.

Every single step is there to make sure you reach your goal. As you start to pursue it, it all actually goes according to your plan!

As soon as you start thinking “This is it! I’m going to make it!” it all goes crashing down and before you know it you end up feeling lost with no motivation to start all over again.

This might have happened if you tried to lose weight or join a gym, or you had a business idea that sounded truly exceptional.

Don’t let it go to waste just because you encountered what feels like an invincible obstacle.

Learn to deal with it before it arises.

As I’ve said many times, preparation is key.

After all, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, as Roman philosopher Seneca puts it.

If you do your part, surely enough, it all aligns with it so your dreams can take one step towards you.

So if you still have some ideas, hold onto them firmly as you’re about to learn how to make it all the way – until they become a reality.

Like many great lessons, this one also starts at its end.

And you already have it in your experience!

So take a few minutes here and think about a project that was successful.

Maybe some work project came to mind, some business idea that saw the light of day and was awesome or perhaps you’re thinking about a personal victory, small or huge it doesn’t matter.

Maybe you made up with someone, or started to eat greens or went to a gym for three months in a row.

Whatever you consider a success can now serve as a huge lesson for you.

Think about all the steps you needed to take to make that happen.

Think about all the necessary things needed to be done in between those steps that weren’t in your focus.

If you lost weight, you had to lose pound by pound.

If you adopted a new skill, you had to the same annoying thing countless times.

If you learned a new language, you had to learn word by word, for many days. And repeat them too.

If you had a successful business project you had to answer each email, go to every meeting or do many small assignments around the office.

How many times did you need to do all those things?

For how long?

Every achieved goal is just a pile of everyday routines or small tasks that seem insignificant.

And because they feel so unimportant as we do them, we tend to let a few slips by.

One pound more, one unanswered email or just one missed french homework is not going to mean much, right?

Well, a single snowflake is nothing until it snowballs down the hill.

It is your job to stop it from ever turning into a chasing snowball.

If you carefully track your progress, this doesn’t have to be a difficult job.

You can even plan ahead for these possible setbacks.

If you know what’s hard for you, write it down and create a solution as well.

That way when you notice it’s not going in a direction you planned, you will immediately have a plan B ready to use!

Use your time wisely and remember

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1000 percent Return on Energy” – Brian Tracy

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