Story time! 🙂

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to read our story, and you will how it all started?

Hi, my name is Mark.

Our story starts with me, the founder and product designer here at USA Creative Space. I’m a writer at heart and a product designer in my day-to-day business. Oh, and I almost forgot—a business owner. I’ve always loved creating products that are going to impact others’ lives positively. There’s something there that makes me feel happy inside. And I want to do it for the rest of my life. But first, let me tell you how this all started.

The story starts like this:

Me, in my humble apartment here in the great state of California. A small rectangular room with old wooden floors and a big oak desk with metal legs sitting right next to the window. Me writing my vision for the future on my MacBook. I felt disconnected from time, words flowing in a state of calm, contentment, and happiness, typing on the plastic keyboard, writing my perfect vision for the future inside this text document.

Then something else caught my attention.

It was a “ding” sound that we are all very familiar with. It lets you know that you got an email. It distracts us from our perfect and calm life by creating an unnecessary urge to check what is behind the red curtain. And so I did—I clicked away from my text document, my perfect vision of the future, and opened the email. And then, for a split second, I saw myself doing that.

Like I was the observer of my own life.

I watched myself get distracted by the small “ding” sound that is deciding what am I doing with my life right now. A “ding” sound that controls my life. And then I thought to myself that I am not the only one dealing with this. There must be a lot of other people going through this constant state of distraction rather than focusing on what matters to them, their future and personal happiness.

I then found this blog…

…called ZenHabits, by this bald and bold guy named Leo Babauta. I read a lot of his articles, and they changed my life and way of thinking. (Side note: I know now you are tempted to click away and find the blog, but please, hang in here for a second; you can resist this urge.) Back to the story—it calmed me, and it gave me a new vision and way of life. And it helped me understand how to be more focused and productive—and create work that matters.

Creating work that matters.

Rather than being dragged down continuously by my urges, I began to change my life. Baby steps. Step by step, month by month, year by year, improving every day. I view life as a constant growth opportunity. And it will never end—only when I take my last breath. And creating work that matters to me and to others is a way of life for me.

Creating USA Creative Space

Coming back to the laptop scene I was telling you about, I felt that I needed to work more offline rather than online. To unplug from the World Wide Web. To refuse to get distracted by even the little “ding” noise. And this helped me a lot: with my life, with my business, with my level of contentment and happiness. And by living more in the analog world, I’ve found out that creativity comes when there’s no distraction.

Creativity is like a butterfly.

Like a gentle butterfly, as Thoreau said about happiness. Creativity is the same for me. If I try too hard, I scare it away, and it runs away from me. But if I sit down in silence and do my work, it comes to me like a butterfly, sitting gently on my shoulder. And that was the reason I’ve created this brand.

The “why” behind the brand.

I wanted others to feel the same. To be able to create—in their creative space—things, products, projects, services that matter to them and the world around them. And it was only apparent that the first thing to put out there to the world would be a mobile dry-erase whiteboard. Because for me, the white space inspires and urges you to create something, to fill it out, to draw and erase and then draw again until you end up with something. With something great, with something that matters.

USA Creative Spaces and its First Product

I view this as the start of a long journey of products that are going to inspire you to create, grow, transform your ideas and bring them to life, and make a positive change in this world with your final product or service. Make a dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs once said. You have the power to do that, and I hope we as a brand empower you to create even more, to go beyond your limits, and to grow your life and the lives of others around you.

USA Creative Space.

Creating work that matters.