When it comes to business, less is almost never more. We actually believe that SMART is always more.

There is a limit to what you can do in 24 hours that you get in a day. But there is no limit in ways you can work on improving your efficiency during that time.

Here we propose five you can start with right away.

1. Eliminate all distractions

Picture this: your phone buzzing every two minutes showing you emails you don’t want to be looking at right now.

Millions of open tabs in your browser inviting to check all of them at once.

And you, thinking you might escape to Twiter or Facebook just to chill for a bit.

Going into silent mode on your phone often lead to a stimulating mind.

Stop hushing all those ideas in your head.

Free them and watch them grow and transform into reality.

Some alone time with your board can provide a prosperous environment where your dreams can flourish.

2. Don’t multitask

We all thought this is one of the best skills to have in this hectic modern world.

But if the computers and even our phones now can do everything at once, doesn’t that make focus and commitment a precious trait?

More and more scientists are researching this issue.

A lot of these researches show that people can only do one mental activity at the time.

It means we can only be thinking about one thing.

This means that you are more efficient doing thing one by one, than trying to manage them all at once.

Think about a project that makes you very proud.

How many hours did you put in?

And how many of those hours did you spend thinking about something else?

So whatever you’re working on, put it on plain site where it can remind you to pay full attention if you want complete results.

3. No internet

It’s time to change the routine and go offline.

More information doesn’t necessarily mean more profit or better work.

Many times you would have all you need and waste time searching for more.

Use what you have and start working with it NOW.

Without endless possibilities on the web, you allow yourself to focus on what’s important at that moment.

Use a pen, a marker or a sticky note to create an ultimate desktop solely made of your ideas and creativity.

You can even use magnets or any other props to make your board most useful to you.

4. Plan each day the night before

Getting a head start on your day means more time throughout the day to do more things you want.

Setting a list of priorities for that day with maybe a motivational quote that’ll get you worked up can make sure you start your morning right.

Use your whiteboard to create a personal welcome assistant early in the day.

When this is the first thing you see, and it’s bright and clear you lessen the possibilities of wasting your time before starting the actual work.

5. Keep your goals in sight at all times

One thing every successful person does is looking at their future before it happened.

They do it in a variety of ways, and one of them is creating a vision board.

Just putting a picture of your most desired ambitions in the corner of your whiteboard can mean one massive step toward that vision.

How else are you getting there if you’re not 100% sure where that exactly is?

Every success can be broke down into tiny everyday habits. Make yours count and start with them right away.

And remember – SMART is always more.



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