Believe it or not, setting a goal is not that different than getting a taxi.

When you call the taxi the first thing you need to say is where are you located.

The second, equally important, where do you want to go.

The same thing should happen with your goals.

Knowing your current position and the desired one is the only way you can move from where you are now.

So before you start with wishing and dreaming, make sure to know exactly where you are, who you are and what you have.

Who knows, you might even have something already that wasn’t in your focus.

Wanting a good business partner without realizing you already have a perfect candidate under your nose in your company, is the same as not having him/her at all.

Why waste your time, energy and money on getting something, rather than taking a few minutes to realize you already have it?

Now, once you figure out where the taxi should pick you up, you can start figuring out what to tell to the driver.

Saying something like “Take me somewhere nice” would probably not going to result in him taking you anywhere.

In the same principle, goals operate in the specifics.

How else will you know that you arrived at your destination?

This is what distinguishes the goal from just a wish.

So you want to make sure you turn your wish from “I want a better business” to a specific goal like “By 23rd od

December this year, I have tripled my income, I have three more employees, and I went from 60 to 50 working hours a week”.

This goal is achievable through a plan, where a wish is a vague idea of something you want.

If it’s specific enough, you’ll know when you achieved it, and you can move onto the next one.

Questions that can help you to make sure your goal is specific enough:

How will I know that I achieved it?

What will I see, hear and feel when I get there?

How will I look like and who will be there with me?

What is going on exactly?

Also, notice it’s in the present tense, you don’t want to wish, you want to achieve.

So each goal you have, define it as an already achieved one.

Now take the wheel and enjoy the ride…

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