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  • Are you are sick of fruit and snack baskets, jumpers or turkeys and hams, and want something more classy this year?

  • Imagine getting into a taxi and when a driver asks “Where to?” you answer: “Oh I don’t even know anymore…” or “Wherever just no

  • A to-do list can be beneficial in remembering your plans or sticking to a habit. It can also be an excellent reminder of the things you did so it serves as an excellent

  • Has this situation ever happened to you: You have an idea. You even feel your gut telling you “Go for it!”. You create a plan. Every single step is there to make sure yo

  • If you’ve ever been to a doctor only to hear a sentence: “It’s stress” then it’s time to learn how to listen to your body and prevent that

  • So I’m sure you know success doesn’t come overnight. Actually, it doesn’t come at all. You are the one moving towards it. And what you do every day consistently can dete

  • Would your life be any different if this was true? Would you work harder every day to achieve abundance in your life? What if this was actually possible for you, would y

  • When we are faced with a choice, whether that’s deciding on which car to buy or whether to start a new job or deciding on whether to stay in a relationship or to move on

  • How many times a day do you hear yourself say I just don’t have enough time? How many times did you try to organize your day but halfway through you realize you ha