A to-do list can be beneficial in remembering your plans or sticking to a habit.

It can also be an excellent reminder of the things you did so it serves as an excellent motivational boost at the end of long day.

We all know that awesome feeling of crossing that boring item from the list. 🙂

But what happens when your to-do list turns against you?

Have you ever had a to-do list so filled with tasks, that you couldn’t even read everything that’s on there?

Did you ever feel like those words are coming off of paper to haunt you when you skip a few items?

Do you know the feeling of being overwhelmed, trying to juggle a million balls in the air?

Well, then my friend it’s time to put an end to it and regain control.

Here’s why that’s crucial when planning your day.

Writing all the little things you need to do throughout the day can be an excellent stress relieving technique.

When you get it all out of your head, you feel lighter and calmer to deal with those things.

By not continually thinking about tasks that are waiting for you the next day your mind and body will be more relaxed and thus ready for new challenges!

Also, waking up without any plan written down can lead to a very long morning where you’re dragging out feeling groggy and not ready to deal with anything.

Instead, when you have a plan waiting for you as soon as you get up, it becomes much easier to start your day feeling ready and organized.

Another thing that should be a good reason to make your to-do list your best friend is the fact it saves time.

It can help you be more organized, productive and effective.

So how can you upgrade your current to-do list?

1. Timing

In each task include how much time you need to get it done.

The key here is to be realistic and honest.

Include time for planning, preparation, transportation, etc.

2. Priorities

When writing a list always ask yourself What are the three most important things for today?

You don’t have to do everything every day for the rest of your life to succeed.

You only need to do what’s important.

3. State

Plan for specific emotions or states you want and need for the day.

If you’re going to have a hectic day an energetic state might be useful.

If you have a day full of boring commitments, maybe feeling excited or joyful might come in handy.

This way you will always have the focus on what’s the essential element of each day is – YOU.

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